Hub to Hub: Using Orion Hub to Develop a Project on Git Hub

One of the New & Noteworthy items from last week’s Orion 0.2 M7 build was the ability to develop your Git Hub projects with Orion. For purely read-only access this is trivial to do:

  1. Visit the page for any Git Hub repository.
  2. Copy the HTTP repository URL out of the handy text box near the top of the page.
  3. Back in Orion go to the Repositories page.
  4. Click the clone button, and paste the URL into the box.
  5. Since credentials aren’t needed for read-only access, simply click Ok on the next page.
  6. When the clone is complete, click the link in the Actions column to add the repository to your workspace.

If you want to push changes from Orion into Git Hub, a bit more setup is needed to establish credentials. Luckily Malgorzata Janczarska from the Orion team has written a handy Cloning from GitHub guide with all the setup instructions. Note that since Orion does not currently store any private credentials, you will need to supply your key again whenever you want to push changes back to Git Hub.

Happy coding!

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