Orion 0.2 RC1 – New and Noteworthy

But wait, wasn’t the last milestone only a week ago? Yes, but the Orion team has still found some time for a few small tweaks for our first release candidate. Read on for details on what’s new in this latest stable build, now available on Orion Hub. The build is also available for download.

The banner at the top of each Orion page has had a mini-makeover. Page links have moved on top of the search box and user name to give more space to the bread crumb area on the left. Progress reporting and information messages have moved out of the black toolbar area into the banner just below the breadcrumb. Also, the page title has been moved above the breadcrumb, to avoid the confusing dual role of the bread crumb as a page title in previous milestones. Page colors and fonts have been updated to brighten the page and make links and titles more readable.

Performance improvements

Several changes have been made to improve page load performance. All widgets have been in-lined to avoid extra round-trips. Gzip filtering has been enabled for all pages on the server. Page painting has also been deferred to the end of page loads to avoid displaying unusable partial page contents. The principle content of each page how requires only four resources: one HTML file, one CSS file, one JavaScript file, and the require.js module loader. The diagram below shows a page reload on orionhub.org: in this example the DOM has loaded within 100ms and the complete page load took just over a second.

Git repository configuration

Git repository configuration settings can now be viewed and edited from the Repositories page. Click on a repository to expand the Repository configuration panel. Hover to the right of any configuration setting to edit or delete it. The green plus icon at the top will create a new configuration setting.

Git status page updates

The Git Status page has been updated to show the most recent five commits in the local and remote branch. This helps you see the context of the repository you are committing into, and provides handy links to the log pages for the local and remote branches.

Git reset

You can now reset an outgoing change from the Git Status page. This will throw out any changes in the working copy and replace them with the files from your local Git index.

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