Orion 0.3 RC2 – New and Noteworthy

The Orion 0.3 release review is now underway. See the review slides for more details on what’s coming in this release. While you’re waiting for the final release to come out, here are some last minute enhancements that snuck into the 0.3 release candidates since our M2 build:

Support for TODO tags in the JavaScript editor

The Orion JavaScript editor now supports TODO tags in comments. A TODO comment will now be highlighted in the margin on the left hand side, and the birds-eye view next to the scrollbar on the right hand side. Hover on an annotation to see the complete TODO text. As with all annotations, you can click an annotation in the birds-eye view to quickly scroll to that position in the editor.

Flat search results view

There is a new option on the search results page to show results as a flat list of files rather than a tree. Expand a file to view the matches within that file. The option is selected from the Options drop-down in the tool bar.

Compressed folders in search results

In the tree orientation of the search results page, folders that don’t directly contain any matching files are now compressed into a single line. This reduces clutter and helps you focus on the leaf folders where the matches are found.

Unstage selection in Git Status

When multiple staged files are selected in the Git Status page, a new button appears allowing you to unstage only the selected files.

Git checkout by tag

You can now checkout an arbitrary tag in the Repositories page. Simply expand Tags, and then click the checkout command in the Actions column next to the tag you want. This will create a new local branch based on the commit containing that tag.

JSLint warnings

The JSLint plugin has been updated to only produce warnings for JavaScript that is syntactically correct but considered bad style. The plugin will continue to report errors for code that is invalid. You can now make your own opinion on what code style is acceptable for your project.

Support for server context paths

The Orion client has been recoded to completely avoid absolute paths when referring to other pages, services, or images. This allows the Orion client to be mounted at a different context path on your server without any problems. This makes it much easier to incorporate Orion or parts thereof into a larger server application.

Page load performance improvements

A number of optimizations have been made to improve page load performance. The caching has been tuned, and CSS sprites are being used to avoid round-trips loading small images. The result is at least 10% speedup on page loads.

The above features are just the ones that are new since the previous milestone build. See the New & Noteworthy category on this blog for a complete listing of new features in past milestones and releases.

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