Orion Editor Ships in Firefox 8

If you opened the About dialog in Firefox today, you have probably been upgraded to the new Firefox 8 release. If so, congratulations on successfully installing part of Orion! Firefox 8 now includes the Orion code editor in its scratchpad feature. The Orion editor is currently disabled by default, but it can be enabled as follows:

  1. Open about:config in your location bar
  2. Enter devtools in the filter bar
  3. Change the devtools.editor.component attribute to orion
  4. Hit Shift+F4 to open the scratchpad and enjoy the Orion editor

Note: if you have already opened scratchpad before changing this setting, you will need to restart Firefox for the new setting to take effect. If you are running with Firefox Aurora or Nightly builds, then Orion is already enabled by default and no configuration is necessary.

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