Announcing Orion 0.4

Announcing the Orion 0.4 Release. The Orion team has been working hard since releasing 0.3 in October of 2011. This release contains significant improvements to the workflows and layouts of the Navigator, Git Repositories, Settings, Global Search and Replace and Editor.

The features improved upon or new in this release include HTML syntax validation, CodeMirror syntax highlighting, Content Assist for JavaScript and HTML and CSS Lint. A new URI Template model for deeper integration with other web sites. Examples of URI integration include streamlined cloning from GitHub and Plugin installation within Orion. One excellent new feature is the related pages menu. When you have a task focused single page the related page menu offers a method to reference pages within or external to Orion that act on the same set of resources. Also added was the facility to view and cancel background operations operating on your behalf within the Orion server. To ease adoption we’ve added self-service password reset functionality. Work has also started on internationalization and accessibility in 0.4. The editor has been externalized and the majority of the UI tested using screenreader tools such as JAWS.

Overall, the look and feel of the UI has been crafted to reduce the amount of tree style views in favour of a flat representation. There was also a significant amount of trimming and customization done to give more real-estate to the task at hand.

In addition to the great changes which a user would see, the underlying architectural components Orion is built on have been made more consumable. These changes have allowed other projects to integrate Orion pieces within their products. A major announcement during 0.4 development was the use of the editor in the ScratchPad within Firefox 10.

The community around Orion is also growing at an excellent pace. This release saw many new contributors providing features such as the new Settings/Plugin page and Content Assist plugin using Esprima. This increase in community also netted Orion an Open Source Rookie win from Black Duck.

Overall, another excellent release cycle from an ever growing list of participants. As mentioned earlier on PlanetOrion there’s going to be several talks at EclipseCon 2012.

You can always keep up with what’s happening in Orion here, follow the BUZZ on our Wiki and for sure, follow OrionHub at Twitter.

This was just a brief overview of this release, for a more details look you can review our New and Noteworthy lists from our Milestone and end releases.

If you don’t yet have an OrionHub account, you can request one here then use that account to login to OrionHub. You can also download the latest release and run a local server.

And now back to work on 0.5…

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