Hacking Node on a Raspberry Pi with Orion

With EclipseCon Europe fast approaching we wanted to have some cool demos to show off Orion that were a little out of the ordinary. Given that Orion can provide a UI to the file system of an underlying installation it seemed a natural fit to get it running on a headless Raspberry Pi. In addition to getting it running, the team is also looking at alternative deployment modes for Orion that don’t require the Java server and a great fit there is of course Node.js. Tying the two together I’ve done a video of Orion running on the Pi. First we clone direct from Github onto the Pi our extremely early Orion node work, then live edit the node code and show how to do node development from Orion.

I’ll bring my Pi setup to EclipseCon so if you’re at my talk, tutorial or BOF you can check it out. There’s lots of potential here such as including Node in our Sites page, or extending our Shell (GCLI) to support Node instance commands on the backend. Deployment out of Orion will be a key focus point post 1.0 in a couple of weeks.

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