Orion 1.0 RC2 – New and Noteworthy

While the main focus during our release candidate period is bug fixing and documentation, a few new features snuck in over the last two weeks that are worth mentioning. These updates are already available on OrionHub, or for download.

Persona login

We added support for logging into Orion using Mozilla Persona. Persona is a decentralized identity and sign on system based purely on an authenticated email address. If you have an email address, you are well on your way to having a Persona that you can use for Orion login without having to provide a password every time. If you have a Persona, and the Persona email address matches the email address associated with your Orion account, then you can login using that Persona. There is no manual setup required. If you don’t yet have a Persona, but you do have an Orion account, simply click the Persona login link in Orion and you will be guided through the steps to set it up.

Double click bracket matching

Double-clicking next to a bracket or brace in the Orion editor will now highlight the entire block of text within the enclosing pair of brackets.

Editor bookmarks

Simple bookmarks have been added to the Orion editor. Simply double-click in the left hand margin to add a bookmark to a line. A star annotation will appear, and the bookmark will also be highlighted in the overview ruler on the right hand side. Hovering over either annotation will show the contents of that line. Ctrl+, and Ctrl+. will jump to the next or previous annotation, which helps you quickly get back to a bookmark with the keyboard. Annotations are not currently persisted after the editor is closed, but it can be a handy navigation aid when doing extensive work in a large file.

Console renamed to shell

The Orion console has been improved and renamed to Shell to avoid confusion with browser built in consoles. The updated shell is based on a newer version of gcli, and now supports tab completion on arbitrary directory paths.

Disabling plugins

On the Plugin settings page you can now disable and re-enable individual plugins without completely uninstalling them. This is useful if you just want to turn something off temporarily but not forget about it.

Preliminary editor support for Android

We have made progress on enabling the Orion editor to work on Android devices. Text input and voice dictation are now working, but key bindings and selection are not yet available. We have focused our testing on Nexus 7 tablets running Chrome and Android 4.1, but please report bugs if you see problems running in other configurations.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for the announcement of our final 1.0 release soon!

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