4,400 New accounts on OrionHub since 1.0 release

On October 29th I posted at PlanetOrion our 1.0 announce and this was automatically tweeted by our @orionhub account. The reception and spread of the news was great in my opinion and thanks to those for retweeting, writing articles or trying Orion out for the first time.

Since deploying the 1.0 release just a little over 2 weeks ago we’ve had 4,400 accounts created and over 12,000 logins 16% from Germany, 13% from Japan, 11% France, 10% United States, 8% China, Hungary, Brazil, UK, Canada….. really from all over the planet. Even Turks and Caicos Islands (hacking on vacation someone?)

John Arthorne and I try to keep the Orion BUZZ page up to date with articles written about Orion or about downstream products consuming Orion. If we miss anything you think should be there simply let us know on Twitter. Orion is also over at Google+ if you’re looking to add us to a circle.

It’s great to see the interest and hope that you’ll give us feedback, suggestions and maybe some bug fixes too!

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