Orion 2.0 M1 – New and Noteworthy

Two major themes of the Orion 2.0 release are improved import/deployment and node.js support. These are large scale efforts and their benefits will mostly come in future builds. In the meantime, here are some goodies in the 2.0 M1 milestone for your holiday entertainment. Check it out now on OrionHub, or download the server.

Prototype node-based Orion server

Work is well underway to create a simple Orion server running on node.js. The small footprint of this server makes it suitable for embedded devices and potentially very large scale cloud scenarios. Having all the client and server tools written in the same language also raises some new possibilities and makes the Orion architecture very flexible. This server is not yet ready for prime time, but you can check out or fork the code on GitHub.

Narrow search on file type

You can now narrow down a global search based on file type. Open the drop down menu in the search bar, and select a file type from the list. You can search on file type only, or a combination of file type and search keyword.

Search and replace capture groups with regular expressions

When doing search and replace in the Orion editor, you can now use JavaScript-style regular expression syntax to indicate capture groups in the replacement text. For example, to remove the id from an HTML table row or cell, search for "<(td|tr)( id=”.*”)>" and replace with "<$1>".

Drag files from desktop into Orion

You can now drag files and directories directly from your desktop into Orion. This feature is fully supported only on Chrome. On Firefox you can drag individual files from your desktop, but not folders. If you’re on Internet Explorer you can use Import local file from the Actions menu. We are investigating support for drag and drop on Internet Explorer 10.

Editor improvements on Android

The Orion editor has been improved on Android. All forms of input are supported, including virtual keyboard, voice input, gesture typing in Android 4.2, and of course physical keyboards. Editor selection and copy/paste are supported as well. Orion currently supports only mobile Chrome browser on Android 4.1 or later.

Editor themes now apply to CSS and HTML editors

The Editor Theme settings tab previously applied only when editing JavaScript files. These editor themes are now also applied when editing CSS and HTML files.

Customizable editor font size

You can now change the editor font size from the Editor Theme settings tab.

New Prospecto editor theme

Orion has a new editor theme called Prospecto. You can customize or change editor themes from the Settings page.

New shell commands

Several new commands have been added to the Shell page:

  • A plugins command for working with Orion plugins. This command has sub-commands for listing, installing/uninstalling, reloading, and enabling/disabling plugins. Type help plugins on the shell page for more details.
  • A service command for listing the available instances of a given service.
    Type help service on the shell page for more details.
  • A clear command to clear the screen

Open shell from navigator

You can now open a shell page on a particular directory from the Navigator page. Select any directory, and select Open in Shell from the Related menu in the top banner.

Highlight matching term in search

When entering a search term in the search bar, matching segments from previous searches are now highlighted in the proposal list.

Secure connections to OrionHub

Communication with OrionHub now occurs over HTTPS, providing authentication and encrypted communication with your hosted tools. Orion itself has supported HTTPS for awhile, but it was recently deployed to the OrionHub server in particular.

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    why not vertx.io, unless you really keen to run orion on a mobile phone

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