Midterm GSoC update on the Orion Git Blame feature

Again this year the Orion Project is benefiting from the Google Summer of Code program. We put up several suggestions on the Eclipse Foundation GSoC 2013 Ideas page, as did other Eclipse projects. As a potential student working on open source you can apply and describe how you would implement the desired features in a GSoC project. Through a back and forth then evaluation, students are paired up with Mentors before the term begins.

In our case, I was paired with Chris Conley (@chrconley) on a proposal we had for adding the Git Blame annotations into the Orion editor. Chris laid out a great plan for learning Orion, both the Server and Client codebase, understanding how the Git Blame feature could be implemented and getting down to coding. He’s been working closely with Bogdan Gheorghe, Silenio Quarti, and Szymon Brandys as well. We have weekly meetings to discuss progress, roadblocks, and approaches to the next stage of development. Often the mentors will get together sharing the screen and looking at options and code. Chris is not a committer, yet, so does his work in Orion on a fork at GitHub as per the instructions on the Orion Wiki (Orion/Contributing Code). Chris has already committed the server side changes to enable working on the JavaScript client side feature.

There’s a great description of the progress Chris has made on his blog post about midterm evaluations. He’s great to work with and extremely enthusiastic about working on Open Source and we’re lucky to have the opportunity to get this feature into Orion via the GSoC program. Looking forward to the feature being completed by end of term!

GSoC – Midway Progress by Chris Conley


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