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Orion 6.0 – Git Page Changes

In an attempt to stream line and improve Git workflows, we have started on a redesign of the Git pages in Orion 6.0 From Many to One One of our main design goals was to reorganize all of the git … Continue reading

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Orion’s new Markdown editor

Markdown has emerged as a popular authoring format for on-line documentation. The recently released Orion 6.0 includes a new split-pane Markdown editor that previews your generated HTML document as you type. You can try it out now, along with the … Continue reading

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Orion and ESLint 0.6.2

In 7.0 we updated the version of ESLint used in Orion to 0.6.2 which has many improvements over the last version we were using (0.4.2). There is a catch though. Since version 0.4.2, ESLint has dropped support for the jslint … Continue reading

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Article on Orion and BeagleBone Black development

There’s a great article by Benjamin Cabé over at Element14 about utilizing Orion to do development on a BeagleBone Black leveraging Node.js, MQTT and all sorts of other Internet of Things technology. Eclipse Orion, Arduino and BeagleBone Black – Prototyping … Continue reading

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