Orion and ESLint 0.6.2

In 7.0 we updated the version of ESLint used in Orion to 0.6.2 which has many improvements over the last version we were using (0.4.2).

There is a catch though.

Since version 0.4.2, ESLint has dropped support for the jslint / jshint directive used in-source to describe your environment.

For example: /*jslint amd:true*/

The new way to do this is to use the eslint-env directive.

For example: /*eslint-env amd, browser*/

Configuring ESLint has the complete rundown on setting up your desired environment(s), but the basics are:

  • Use only the name of the environment to indicate it should be used, i.e. there is no amd:true or amd:false, amd alone means amd:true, leaving it out means amd:false
  • If using more than one environment, they are defined in a comma-separated list like: /*eslint-env amd, browser, mocha, node*/

Just in case you forget all about these directives Orion has a linting rule to remind you to update them….

Unsupported directive warning

Unsupported directive warning


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