Orion 7.0 – Inline Global Search Pane

As of Orion 7.0 the stand-alone Orion Search page will be replaced by an inline search pane in the Editor page. There are several reasons for this. First, as a user, immediately before initiating a search, you are almost always browsing or modifying existing files on the Editor page. Second, after obtaining the search results, you almost always return to the Editor in order to browse or modify the file you were looking at or a file you found during the search. Having a separate search page forced you to switch contexts while searching. This created an artificial separation between the tasks of editing/browsing files and the task of searching through them, while in fact, the latter is a secondary task performed to support the former.

With the search inside the Editor page you can now initiate a global file content search without leaving your current tab. Select “Edit” → “Global Search…” from the main menu bar or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+H (Cmd+Shift+H on Mac) to open the inline search pane.


Enter the search parameters and click on the search button to initiate the search. (Tip: Hitting Enter in any of the text input boxes also triggers the search.)


The search parameters section will collapse and the list of files with matches will appear in the inline pane. You can expand each file in the list to see the lines which contain matches or you can click on the file name to open it in the editor on the right hand side.


To run another search click on the “^ Edit Search” link in the top left corner of the pane. This will expand the search parameters area allowing you to modify your search and run it again.

Search and Replace

As was the case with the stand-alone search page, the inline search pane supports search and replace. To perform a replace operation click on the “Switch to Replace Mode” link below the search term input box. After filling in the parameters click on the “Replace…” button to see a preview allowing you to select specifically which matches to replace and which to ignore. (Note: Clicking on the “Replace…” button will NOT modify any of your files.)


The list of matches will appear in the inline search pane and a preview of each file showing the before and after versions will appear over the editor on the right hand side. A little tab with the word “Preview:” and the name of the file will appear over the editor indicating that this is a preview only. For now this preview is read-only and supports none of the editing or in-file searching functionality.


Once you have selected which matches you wish to replace using the check marks next to the inline search pane’s result list click on the “Replace Selected” button, above the result list, to apply the changes to your files. The inline search pane will display the list of files that were modified as well as the number of matches that were modified in each file.


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