Orion’s new Help system

As was described in the Orion 7.0 release announcement, the Orion Help system has finally gotten the re-write it has long needed. Beyond eliminating our last use of JSPs, the new Help now features:

  • A more integrated look

Orion Help Screenshot

  • A new service point for plug-in contributions: orion.help.pages

A plug-in can contribute a top-level entry to Help’s table of contents by providing a root property representing the root page ({Location: object, Name: string, Directory: boolean}) [example]. Orion Help then invokes functions on the registered service as its page content/sub-pages become needed. This service purposely resembles Orion’s file service (read, and optionally fetchChildren and readBlob), and returns either immediate results or promises [example].

  • Consumption of markdown content

Everyone’s using markdown these days. This is what a plug-in’s read implementation needs to return. You can easily author it in Orion’s markdown editor.

  • Generation of document hierarchy based on markdown headers

A full document tree can be defined in a single markdown stream, no separate sub-pages required.
markdown file headers

Eclipse Help System we knew you well, and wish you all the best on the desktop.

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