What’s new in Orion’s Markdown editor


We want Orion’s Markdown editor to be the most useful and enjoyable one that’s out there. Here’s what’s improved recently:

  • Content assist

No more need to refer back to the markdown syntax on Daring Fireball, just invoke the Orion editor’s standard content assist (Ctrl+Space) to see the available md and gfm templates.

  • Warning annotations

Warnings are now displayed for the following:

  • Unordered list item within ordered list
  • Ordered list item within unordered list
  • The first item in an ordered list should have index 1
  • Undefined link ID
  • Duplicate link ID definition
  • Link has no URL
  • Link has no text
  • Header level cannot exceed 6

More warning types are under consideration.

  • Generate HTML File command

Outputs the preview pane’s HTML content to a file.

  • All header elements are now generated with anchor id’s
  • New splitter thumb to minimize the preview pane
  • New pane orientation toggle
  • Various bug fixes, particularly in the areas of lists, code blocks and reference links

Looking for a reliable place to author your markdown documents? Check out OrionHub!

As always, we also want to hear your Feature Requests and Bug Reports.

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