Strong Orion program for EclipseCon 2015

Next month is EclipseCon 2015, in Burlingame California. Several Orion committers will be there, and there is a great selection of talks on Orion, as part of the Cloud Development track. Here are some of the highlights by day:


Start your conference with the Introduction to Cloud Developer Tooling tutorial. This session will provide a survey of the major cloud development tooling projects going on at Eclipse: Che, Flux, Orion, and Dirigible.


There are two Orion talks on Tuesday afternoon. Git it Done is about the completely redesigned Git user interface built for Orion in the past few months. This new Git page was built from the ground up to provide a simpler and more intuitive user experience for new users, while retaining all the power options for the Git ninjas out there. The next talk, Building Orion Plug-ins, talks about the experience of building extensions to Orion from the perspective of an Orion adopter.

Finally, on Tuesday evening there will be a contributor Hackathon. Many different Eclipse projects will be part of this event, but there will be a few Orion committers there to help guide people through the process of making their first contribution to Orion.


On Wednesday morning, JavaScript Language Tools in Orion will talk about the state of Orion JavaScript tooling. There has been a massive amount of new feature work in this area for Orion 8.0, and this talk will show what is available, and how it was implemented. After lunch, Adapting JDT to the cloud looks towards the future, showing some early investigation on bringing Java development tools into cloud environments such as Orion.


Extending Eclipse Flux will delve into the incubating Eclipse Flux project, which is exploring how to connect development tools between desktop and cloud environments such as Orion. Finally during the afternoon, check out The Making of XRobots. Ok, it’s not really about Orion, but it includes XText, Lego, and robots so how can you go wrong?

Of course the sessions are only a small part of the EclipseCon experience. There are plenty more opportunities to learn new technologies and meet like-minded developers, whether it’s walking the exhibit area, checking out poster sessions, lunch and snack breaks, evening BoF sessions, or the ever popular late nights at Knuckles Bar. So what are you waiting for? Register already!

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