Announcing Orion 10.0

The tenth release of Orion was made available this week. You can check it out now on OrionHub, or download the server to run your own instance. In numbers, this release contains 255 fixes and enhancements, in 650 commits, by 33 unique authors. Thanks to all contributors for your work on this release!

This release contains significant enhancements to both JavaScript and HTML tooling. In JavaScript tooling, there is a new Open Implementation command that will traverse across references to find the declaration of a function, including traversal across source files. HTML tooling now includes content assist for the full set of both HTML tags and attributes, including hover documentation to help you make sure you are using the right attributes. Stay tuned for a future blog post going into more detail on the language tooling improvements in Orion 10.

Another major new feature in Orion 10 is support for working with Git sub-modules. Read our detailed blog post and user guide for more details.

The Orion user interface has had a number of nice improvements, outlined in a recent blog by Eric Moffat. There has also been good progress on the Node implementation of Orion, which has gained support for global search, as well as early support for working with Git.

Enjoy the release!

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