New Support for GitHub Pull Requests in Orion

Orion now supports viewing and working with GitHub pull requests. Once a repository is cloned from a GitHub project, the associated pull requests can be viewed from the references dropdown menu under the expandable pull requests section.

Once the pull request section is opened under the references dropdown, you will see the pull requests associated with the repository. The source and destination branches of the pull request are shown, along with the title and request number.

There are two commands available for working with pull requests: checkout pull request and a link to the GitHub page.


The checkout command lets the user checkout the pull request like a normal branch and creates a new remote branch for the pull request, and can be viewed like any other branch in Orion. Once checked out, it will be in the state indicated by the references shown as the title of the pull request.



The link command opens a new tab in the browser for the GitHub page associated with the pull request, where the owner of the repository can choose to merge or reject the pull request.

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