Announcing Orion 11

We are pleased to announce the eleventh release of Orion, “Your IDE in the Cloud”. You can run it now on OrionHub or download the server to run your own instance. Once again, thanks to all committers and contributors for your hard work.  There were 163 bugs and enhancements fixed, across 435 commits from 21 authors! Thank you to everyone for your hard work this release.

What’s new in Orion 11?  The Orion 11 release continues to emphasize our JavaScript tooling.  In particular, the new References feature allows you to quickly browse and refactor your code.  Think of this capability as a kind of structured search: It finds raw references, then categorizes and weighs them based on how well they match your initial search and finally, provides a prioritized view for you to browse and edit.

Another area in Orion 11 that was improved was git page.  Support for pull requests and the “train tracks” (git merge/branch history) view was added.

Finally, we’ve improved our accessibility support to make it easier for you to write accessible code on the web.


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