New and noteworthy for codeEdit widget 12

Orion codeEdit widget debuted just one year ago in Orion 9.0. Thanks to all the valuable user feedback over the past year, now in Orion 12, the widget has been improved a lot for both usability and customizability. We’ve updated the widget wiki page to include the latest features, summarizing user feedback in the FAQ section.

The codeEdit demo page shows you two of the biggest improvements in the widget: customizable editor configurations and fine tuning your web language tooling. In Orion 11.0 we introduced tern project – now this feature is integrated into the widget. In the demo you will see a zoom ruler in each editor, enabled by an editor configuration change. You will also see how the javascript file validation behavior changes while live editing the tern project and eslint rule files.

Aside from that, there are other major improvements that are not shown in the demo.

With all the improvements so far, we found it’s been much easier for the existing users to consume and customize the widget. We are still improving in other areas so please stay tuned.

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