Announcing Orion 13

We are pleased to announce the thirteenth release of Orion, “Your IDE in the Cloud”. You can run it now on OrionHub or download the server to run your own instance. Once again, thank you to all committers and contributors for your hard work this release.  There were over 180 bugs and enhancements fixed, across more than 350 commits from 13 authors!

What’s new in Orion 13?  The Orion 13 release continues to emphasize our language tooling.  In particular, we now have code formatting, support for .jsbeautifyrc files and full ECMA 2016 support.  We have also been investigating LSP and have some experimental work in place to support Java, but this is not yet generally available.

The other focus of this release is consumability and accessibility. To make Orion easier to use for end users, admins and everyone in between, we substantially improved the node.js server (which is used on or locally), created an experimental Electron app version of Orion, improved accessibility, enabled custom code folding in the code edit widget and a whole lot more!


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  1. x545 says:

    Where can I find the electron app?

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