Announcing Orion 14

We are pleased to announce the fourteenth release of Orion, “Your IDE in the Cloud”. You can run it now on OrionHub or download the server to run your own instance. Once again, thank you to all committers and contributors for your hard work this release.  There were 150 bugs and enhancements fixed, across more than 380 commits from 14 authors!

What’s new in Orion 14?  This release was focussed on quality and ease of use – Orion 14 is more accessible (better colours and accessibility), easier to start coding in (the tools now automatically understand complex project configurations, so you don’t have to), and just more awesome in general.

We continued to improve the Node.js server (which is used on or locally), and continued to improve our Electron app. Lastly, we began work in 14.0 to provide collaborative development support and debugging support directly in Orion! Stay tuned in Orion 15 for these features to officially land.


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