Orion Moved to Github

You may have heard a couple of weeks back that Orion moved to Github. If not, then let this be the notice that Orion moved to Github!

We are very excited about the move. The webmasters (Derek Toolan in particular) did an amazing job in making the transition seamless and simple.


You are probably wondering to yourself: “why did you move, you had a great home at eclipse.org?”. The answer boils down to simpler contributing. With Github, we felt that it would be far easier for committers, community and everyone in-between to be able to contribute to our project. No more Gerrit, confusing Gerrit configurations, or multiple remotes – just fork the project, make awesome code and open a pull request. Simple.

Ok, so where’s the code

All of the Orion source code can now be found in the following locations:

  • orion.client – the Orion client code
  • orion.server – the Orion Java server code
  • orion.server.node – this will eventually be the home of the Node.js-based Orion server. Its currently empty while we sort out what code we want to separate out
  • orion.electron – this will eventually be the place we host our Electron-based app from. Currently it is empty while we sort out the builds, etc for the app

What else do I need to know?

There are a few pretty important things that need to be addressed – especially if you are currently a contributor / committer to Orion.

  1. Make sure your Eclipse account is linked to your Github id. This is super-mega-ultra important, especially if you are a committer. The webmasters have provided a great wiki page that talks more about this.
  2. Make sure to update your repos / remotes. The old Git repositories have been set to read-only (as have the gerrits) – so make sure you update (or just re-clone) the repositories to avoid accidentally working against the old stuff.
  3. We are still using Bugzilla (so no changes in how to file / search / triage bugs). For the time being we will keep using it until we figure out a good flow for tracking issues across multiple repositories in GitHub.
  4. All contributions should be made as pull requests. The Gerrit instances for each old repository are set to read-only so they cannot be used, and if you really want to, you could still attach a patch to the bug you want to fix (but seriously, please use a pull request).

Thanks again to everyone that helped make this possible.

Happy coding!

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