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Announcing Orion 12

We are pleased to announce the twelfth release of Orion, “Your IDE in the Cloud”. You can run it now on OrionHub or download the server to run your own instance. Once again, thank you to all committers and contributors for your hard work this … Continue reading

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Configuring your Orion project

Everyone loves to customize stuff. In Orion 11.0, we provided support for .tern-project files so you can do just that. A .tern-project file, for those unfamiliar with them, is a configuration file that lives at the root of your project, is entirely … Continue reading

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Orion 7.0 – Language Tooling Enhancements

The upcoming Orion 7.0 release has many improvements and enhancements in the language tooling, especially for Javascript development. Here is a list of the more notable changes coming in 7.0! Updated third party libraries Many third party libraries have been updated in 7.0: ESLint … Continue reading

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Orion and ESLint 0.6.2

In 7.0 we updated the version of ESLint used in Orion to 0.6.2 which has many improvements over the last version we were using (0.4.2). There is a catch though. Since version 0.4.2, ESLint has dropped support for the jslint … Continue reading

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