50 Trick Questions to Ask a Cheater and Eventually Catch Him

Infidelity is the most cruel and heartbreaking experience in romantic relations, where one person is sincere and the other chooses to cheat. Cheating statistics reveal the truth: 16% of married couples admitted to cheating at any point in their relationship.

Unveiling deception is hard, but with tricky questions, you can uncover the truth. It’s a type of truth-lie game in which you ask questions that reveal what’s going on.

This comprehensive guide provides 50 lighthearted and innocuous trick questions to ask a cheater to uncover potential infidelity.

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50 Trick Questions to Ask a Cheater

Feeling your partner is cheating is devastating, as is the confusion and hassle of how to catch a cheater. But don’t worry, asking some trick questions is a psychological trick to catch a cheater. When including trick questions in conversations, understanding the behavior distinction, along with observation and communication, is compulsory.

Trick questions should be mindfully included in everyday conversations to reveal potential deception. However, remember, asking trick questions is not aimed at trapping a partner; it is used to clear any misunderstanding. It clears the mind and creates a new bond of trust and confidence.

Introduction to Trick Questions

If you have any insecurities about a relationship or feel that your partner is cheating, asking directly can alert a cheater. Instead, adopt a playful way of asking tricky questions with a sense of surprise. Incorporating tricky questions into conversations can uncover concealed truth without conflict.

Carefully analyze your partner’s reactions and answers to your questions. Most cheaters deny or pretend to be loyal, but you can judge the truth by their body language and verbal clues.

So, here is the list of the most light-hearted 50 trick questions to ask a cheater to gauge their reactions and to catch them off guard.

1. How was your day?

This could be a simple question but for a loyal person. Asking this simple question to a cheater may confuse them, and they can’t give you a quick answer, which can confirm the infidelity claims.

2. What did you say you were doing on Tuesday after work?

Pretend to be forgetful and allow them to stick to their story. Ask them at different times; if they give inconsistent answers to the same question, then it indicates that they are not truthful with you.

3. I can’t find my phone, could I use yours?

A cheater will turn the house upside down to find your phone, or they will check their phone before passing it to you.

4. Do you trust me? What makes you trust me?

Be open about yourself and talk about yourself. If they consider you loyal, they will start reflecting on this and praising your unique qualities. Otherwise, they will try to avoid eye contact and change the topic.

5. Do you have a secret to tell me?

Don’t be pushy when asking this question; instead, ask it by telling them any secret you don’t tell them and waiting for their turn. If they try to avoid the answer, then there is something that can’t be said.

6. What’s the reason for coming late?

This trick question asks about their new routine and why they often come late. If they are busy at work, they don’t mind; otherwise, they can’t come up with a viable answer that indicates infidelity.

7. What’s your opinion about honesty in a relationship?

This question reveals their beliefs and values regarding honesty in a relationship and gauges their inconsistencies, if any.

8. Can you tell me about your all-day routine?

Asking for all-day details will uncover any discrepancy in their story. If they hesitate, then there is something they are hiding.

9. What’s the password of your phone?

This is a trick question to ask your boyfriend to see if he’s cheating online. If your boyfriend or husband isn’t willing to share the password, it can indicate that the password is set for you. It is to protect the phone from you, and the phone has some secrets.

10. Have you ever lied to me about where you are going?

This question directly confronts them about their past or present dishonesty. If they deny it, you can directly ask them about the specific day when you felt that they lied to you.

11. Can I use your social media account?

If they act defensively or try to divert the question, then there is something in their social media accounts they want to hide from you, or they will be involved in internet infidelity.

12. What’s your opinion on infidelity?

This question reveals their insights on infidelity in a relationship and their actions. Most of the time, a cheater pretends to be the most loyal person, but their body language will indicate that they are lying.

13. Why have you been becoming less affectionate or intimate with me?

This question directly targets the changing behavior towards you. If they feel guilty, they try to compensate with extra care, but if they are involved with anyone, they don’t care for anything.

14. If I am involved in infidelity, what would be your reaction?

Their reactions give you insights if you are involved with someone, and they will justify and ignore infidelity. On the other hand, a loyal person can’t tolerate any type of infidelity by their partner.

15. Who is your closest friend of the opposite sex?

Observe their reaction keenly when they start talking about their friend. If they show affection towards that person more than you, then there is something going on.

16. Do you think that the couple should share all the secrets and passwords?

Sharing anything is not a big deal in pure relations, but when there’s been infidelity in a relationship, one can’t share secrets and passwords. By knowing their opinion, you can understand the truth.

17. Can we go for dinner in your favorite restaurant?

Insist on going to the restaurant your partner talks about having dinner with friends. If they try to avoid that place with you, it is possible that they have visited it with someone else.

18. Is it okay to flirt with someone while having a serious relationship?

Their point of view reveals what would be their values toward protecting a committed relationship.

19. What do you think about sharing financial information with partners?

Your partner’s opinion indicates how honest or open they are with you in the relationship.

20. What’s your opinion about the consequences of infidelity in a relationship?

If your partner is loyal, they should understand how potential infidelity can ruin their relationship. However, a dishonest person would ignore the consequences of infidelity.

21. If I permit you to make a new relationship, would you like to pursue it?

It clarifies their point of view. If they desire a new relationship, they must be cheating on you.

22. Have you ever lied to me about where you were and who you were with?

It directly addresses the possibility of lying and spending some time with anyone else.

23. Have you ever been tempted to cheat me but didn’t?

It reveals how your partner can adhere to your values and maintain fidelity in your relationship. It also clarifies the possibility of having extra affairs.

24. Do you see a future with me?

This simple trick question to ask a cheater will reveal how much your partner is serious about you. In this way, you will get a clue whether they are cheating on you or not.

25. Why do you often clear messages in chats?

If they are not guilty, they can give you a quick answer, but if there is something covert, they try to be defensive about this question.

26. Why are you being more secretive from me now?

Ask this question about the changes in their behavior. This question will notify them that you are aware of the changes, and if they are not cheating, they will try to change the behavior. A cheater will stick to it with wrong explanations.

27. Who is calling you constantly?

This straightforward trick question clarifies if they are involved in cheating. You will notice that they are confused and can’t make eye contact.

28. Do you think it is possible to be in love with two people at the same time?

This simple trick question will identify their moral values towards commitment to maintaining a relationship.

29. What’s the reason behind your change routine?

Ask this question, pointing to their changing routine of coming home late and going to the office early. If they can’t give you a solid reason for excessive workload, then it is alarming.

30. Can you tell me about the new friend you spend most of the time with?

Ask this question in a friendly way to learn about their social circle. If they don’t share details with you, then they must be involved in infidelity.

31. Are you happy to see me here?

Make a surprise visit to your partner’s place or office to catch them off guard. If they seem nervous and eventually try to close their phone or laptop, it could be a sign of depression and hiding something.

32. What’s the reason behind suddenly adopting this hobby?

Some cheaters adopt hobbies to spend more time out of home. If your partner is also doing so even though they are never interested in any hobby, then you must be alert.

33. Why did you often delete browsing history?

A cheating partner who is involved in internet infidelity often deletes their browsing history to hide who they are chatting with and what’s the medium. This trick question can reveal their infidelity.

34. Who were you talking to for so long last night?

If your partner looks surprised and gives the answer after thinking for a while, then they should be someone they know you don’t like.

35. What’s your opinion about cheating in the right circumstances, or is it better to stay faithful?

This trick question to catch a cheater will guide you on how they justify cheating or prefer faithfulness in everything if they have any opportunity.

36. Have you ever felt guilty about something in your relationship?

Ask this tricky question with direct eye contact. If you feel your partner is confused and changes the topic, then it could be a sign of cheating.

37. Do you have a friend who cheated with their partner? What do you think about them?

Ask this question in a friendly way to learn their opinion about cheating. Of course, a cheating partner will justify their friend’s behavior.

38. What’s the most essential thing in a true relationship?

Pay keen attention to whether their answer aligns with the principles of honesty, truthfulness, trust, and fidelity.

39. Is it possible to cheat emotionally without being physical?

This tricky question addresses any emotional attachment that your partner may have with someone else.

40. Do you believe in soulmates?

This question gives you insights into their beliefs about relationships and how they maintain them with commitment and fidelity.

41. Have you ever lied to me to avoid hurting me?

This question directly targets the motivation of the potential deception. If they avoid answering this question, then they know something will hurt you.

42. Is it possible to have a healthy relationship without honesty?

This tricky question directly reflects their mindset regarding how they are pursuing a relationship with you. If their answer is yes, then they are obviously involved in a covert relationship.

43. Why do you often need to hide the phone and laptop screen from me?

This trick question to ask a cheater will address the common digital communication secrecy, which is common in cheaters.

44. What would you like to change in our relationship?

If their answer hints at dissatisfaction or unfulfillment or if they have many things to change, then this is a clear sign that they have been entrusted to someone else.

45. Have you ever created any fake social media accounts?

Most of the cheater use fake social media accounts to cheat and hide their activities from their partners. This question directly uncovers if they are also involved in such activities.

46. Do you believe in Monogamy?

Mindsets reflect actions. This question educates you on their mindset if they believe in loyalty in a relationship.

47. What’s the reason for the secretive behavior?

This question directly addresses their changing behavior, and cheating people will deny or try to ignore this question.

48. What would be your response if you found your friend cheating with their partner?

This question provides you insights into their mindset and how they think about fidelity and honesty in a relationship.

49. Can you recall the memories when we first met?

The first meeting can’t be forgetful if the relationship is truthful and loyal. So, this question addresses their attention; if it is diverted, they may forget everything memorable about your relationship.

50. Would you be comfortable installing tracking software on your phone?

Ask this question convincingly just to see their whereabouts to ensure safety. Their answer can provide insights into their level of transparency and willingness to be monitored.

Serious Interrogation

After asking light-hearted questions if you suspect that your cheating partner is not willing to disclose infidelity, then you can adopt other ways:

Probing Questions

If the trick question does not work well, or you are still confused, and your partner is smart enough to deceive you. You can ask probing questions to a cheater that reflect their actions. Some of the probing questions to ask a cheater are:

  1. Can you clarify the nature of your relationship with ( the person you think they cheated)?
  2. Why did you betray my trust?
  3. How long have you been hiding this from me?
  4. Do you consider the consequences of your actions?
  5. Are you willing to take responsibility for rebuilding trust in our relationship?

Observing Responses

As you ask trick questions to uncover the concealed deception, pay close attention to a cheating partner’s body language, verbal cues, and emotional reactions.

Nonverbal cues such as a change in posture, avoiding eye contact, sweating, and sudden changes in expressions lead to potential deception. Watch for any inconsistency between their verbal and nonverbal cues, as it often indicates dishonesty.

Attentively observe the changing tone of voice or emotional intensity as it can be used to hide feelings of guilt, shame, or dishonesty. Remember that not a single indicator can detect deception; it requires the involvement of all cues and interactions.

How to Catch a Cheater with an App

If you fail to get a clue about the dishonesty of the partner but are still sure about their involvement with someone, it’s time to try something else. One practical solution is using a spying app. There are many spying apps in the market, but we recommend mSpy. It has lots of features to catch a cheating partner, and some of them are given as follows:

Taking Action

Following trick questions to ask a cheater, it’s essential to consider the outcomes and make informed decisions about the future of the relationship. If the partner is caught unfaithful, seeking couple counseling can give you the environment to move forward together or separately.

Confronting the partner with evidence can help them communicate openly, and both partners can express their feelings and concerns. However, if the trust is badly damaged or the partner is not willing to change, then it’s better to move separately. No matter what your decision is, it is crucial to prioritize self-care and seek support from friends and family members.


We provide you with the most light-hearted trick questions to ask a cheater. These questions can help you find out your partner’s hidden infidelity and are psychological tricks to catch a cheater. However, you can use a spy app to get solid proof of your partner’s dishonesty. If cheating is detected, seeking professional guidance is crucial for mental peace and relationship stability.

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